Father’s Day

It was nice seeing the boys again – they all came down – for what is likely our last Father’s Day together. Here are some pictures.

2018-06-17 Boys and Fathers Day

Charmaine baked a New York style strawberry cheesecake which you can see on the table above.


Perry and David’s visit

Perry and David are my two best friends from high school and they came down from Waterloo and Toronto on Perry’s plane for a visit.

It was really great to see them again. We caught up but also reminisced – a guilty pleasure from a conversation perspective.

As we talked it amazed me, as it always does, ¬†how little we’ve changed. Still the same laughs, still the same sense of humour, still the same values. And they still look the same. Perry, myself and David appear in that order for your viewing pleasure in the below photo.


Charmaine went all-out with a very tasty afternoon tea of sandwiches and scones for us as you can see in the following photo. Actually the scones came later so they’re not in the below photo.


…and a picture of Charmaine and I,


Went for a walk with Dina and Charmaine along Pointe-Claire lakeshore

Hi all. The day before yesterday I went for a walk with Dina and Charmaine along Pointe-Claire’s lakeshore.

Dina and Asad

…and with the high temperatures at 26 degrees Celsius we got our first ice cream cones of the year.

It was amazing seeing Dina again!

I also realized that I had stopped wanting people to visit as I was thinking it’s cheating them – that is, inviting someone to visit and then only having an hour of energy to give them before my supplies are depleted. It was even worse than this. There was a time in the past months when having a 10 minute conversation was a real burden.

I shared this with Dina and she said she’d come even if I had 0 minutes to give. That this was her decision and not mine. That she just wanted to visit.

Good point.

Here’s another pic with Charmaine and I.

Asad and Charmaine

Another update

My oncologist and we decided to stop the chemo since it doesn’t seem to be helping. Instead he’ll be asking palliative care to step up their involvement. We’ll be meeting with him again in 2 months, palliative in one. During this two months he’ll be attending a conference where they’ll be discussing new treatments. If he sees any promising ones he’ll discuss them with us.

From a prognosis standpoint he said we are no longer a “textbook case” and he can no longer say how many months. It will depend how the pain is managed.


Hi all. It’s been quite a while since the last update. There’s a good reason for that. The new treatments haven’t been great and have left me with an energy deficit – therefore not much for blogging or anything for that matter.

The Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb Model, part 5

The next phases of the plane included applying the decals and other parts such as the landing gear.

In the below photo I’m attaching a decal while trying to dry it off somewhat with a Q-Tip.

The following photo shows attachment of the first landing gear. This is far more challenging than it looks as there is no real attachment. It’s just a flush but end of the gear. Regardless of this but end I needed to angle the gear in multiple dimensions. Essentially this meant holding it between my fingers until it was dry.

In the next photos I’ve completed the application of the decals, attached the gear and attached the propellor. The cockpit is also painted and attached. That took some work as you have to mask off the entire cockpit and spray it with the airbrush.

The model is also mounted on a ‘stand’ that Charmaine acquired. She applied the grass and got it perfect as you can see below.

The Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb Model, part 4

In this section I’ll mask off the different areas for painting.

The below photo shows a mask applied to the cockpit and front cowl.’

The below image shows the masking of the bottom of the aircraft.

Here I’ve started applying silly putty for the camouflage.

After which I apply tape to the rest of the airframe.

The finished product looks like the following pictures.